About Us

In 1960 Peppino and Vincenzo Capuano from Naples inaugurated their new atelier in Via Condotti inside Palazzo Caffarelli, thus enriching the legacy of quality craftsmanship characteristic of the historic boutiques and shops in the center of Rome.

The Roman 'maison' immediately gained renown for its unique designs, created and interpreted with 'cheerfulness and imagination', as always in the Capuano style.

Sergio Capuano, an engineer with a strong artistic instinct and his son Federico, await you now in their elegant showroom, a cosy niche in the heart of the Eternal City.

Fine custom jewelry in the Eternal City


Handcrafting is the essential element of our work and history.

Original creations

The laboratory provides original creations: starting from the drawing and the wax model right up to the creation of handcrafted jewelry.

Vintage jewelry processing

In our interpretation of the new trends we transform and reinvent also vintage jewelry.

Hand carvings

Particularly outstanding are the hand carvings on semi-precious stones and gems, the customised pendants in delicate handmade gold and silver fretwork, as well as the enamels.

Wedding and Events

We also specialise in wedding favors and unique gifts for special events and ventures.

Made in Italy

Our creations are entirely made by the finest Italian master goldsmith and craftsmen.

...the tradition goes on...

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